Chimera A-Side launches “Five Rings Editions” for 2024!

Exciting news today from Japan! Chimera A-Side is a name firmly on every Flatlanders min, and they continue to grow, read on!


‒ “Five Rings Edition-ʼʼ, This event, slated for 2024, marks a fresh venture into Japanese urban sportsBMX gracefully dances amid Japan’s renowned castles.
CHIMERA A-SIDE, the premier event in the world of street sports featuring three disciplines – BMX Flatland, BMX Freestyle Park, and Skateboarding – all originating from Japan, is set to host the ultimate showdown in 2024.

This year, as a new form of entertainment collaborating with Japan’s historical and cultural heritage, the competition in BMX Flatland is scheduled to take place against the backdrop of three iconic Japanese castles.

In the host locations, various sports experiences and entertainment performances, aligned with the tournament period, will be offered. The aim is to foster collaboration between historical culture, cuisine, and tourism.

The event will not only provide an opportunity for historical exploration tours, but also showcase traditional Japanese cultural performances, making it a comprehensive entertainment experience from Japan.