Dez Maarsen on Pegasus BMX!

A few weeks ago we broke the news, Jeff Desroche is back in the game and started his own company, Pegasus BMX! And today we just the official news Dez Maarsen just signed with Jeff’s company! Read the official press release plus Dez’s words.


Official Press Release.
Pegasus BMX is proud to welcome the Dutch shredder Dez Maarsen to the team. Dez is one of the top flatland riders at this moment. He possess all round flatland skills, from technical front wheel switches to single bangers. With a big bag of signature tricks he’s been pushing his riding with smooth pivoting tricks combined with an amazing flow. His passion for flatland is big and he always wants to promote flatland in the best way he can. As we are both driven to push flatland we’re stoked to collaborate to develop new product! Starting with Dez’ first signature product, the .45 Bullet Peg. Stay tuned!

Dez Maarsen:
I’m stoked to announce my new sponsor Pegasus BMX by the legendary Jeff DesRoche. Jeff is a big influence in pushing flatland to a next level with insane brakeless tricks way behead of time. I’m honored to team up with Pegasus BMX to produce new parts and be part of this amazing team with Jeff, Bruno Zebu, Stephan Kornely, Jeronimo and Cory Stratychuk. Together we want to push BMX Flatland to the next level. We’re currently busy producing my signature pegs that will be available soon!

More info about Pegasus BMX on and the Facebook Page