Must Watch! Alex Jumelin TCU Interview.

Jim McKay of sat down with professional flatland rider, Alex Jumelin to talk about a number of topics including: his move from France to the United States, the current state of Flatland BMX in America and how it differs from the scene in Europe, what’s better: France or America?, his signature line of parts, The Come Up’s recent addition of Flatland to the site, and Alex’s differences with Brian Tunney.

Some of you may have heard about that last bit; a fact that has upset quite a few Flatland riders. During the NORA Cup awards show, Brian made several questionably humorous remarks about Flatland that ruffled many people’s feathers. One person who was offended by these comments was Alex Jumelin. Alex promptly posted his strong dislike for what what said on his blog and on Twitter. Brian reacted by a Twitter post which read: “In an effort to keep Alex jumelin happy, we will no longer be featuring any flatland coverage on @ESPN_BMX”. Since then, no Flatland has been featured on the site. This in my opinion, is a huge loss for everyone involved, and I thought it was only fair to go public with this and to and get Alex’s views on what happened and how it affects our corner of BMX. Alex expressed no hard feelings towards Tunney, yet he feels that this situation was handled inappropriately (Tunney has since claimed he was joking).