Top fives with the UK’s No 1 AM Lee Wilson

Photos sent in by Lee Wilson, loving the pose shot Lee!

Riders: Shintaro Misawa, James White, Keelan Philips, Akira Okamura, Pedro Melo.

Music: Old hip hop, House, Funk, Al Green, Barry White

Places: Markfield Community Centre Car park, Amsterdam Gashouder, Koln, Germany, Keelans Studio, TGM.

People: My boys, Georgina Avery, My parents, Paul Cartwright, Leicester riders.

Websites: Vimeo, You tube, Global flat, Facebook, Ebay.

Products: Sony Ericsson Phone, Astra sxi mk 4, Stan Smiths, Makita Tools, Tom-tom.

DVDS: Trickstars 1, Dorkin’ 10, Mixt, Trickstars 3, Flatland manifestos.

Bike Products: Odi grips, Chase tyres, Macneil OG seat, Geisha freecoaster, Sequence pegs.

Influences: Shintaro Misawa, Aaron Frost, Keelan, Ciaran Perry, James Smith

Web-edits: Lost at sea, Maz’s TGM and Contest vids, Akira’s Soul vid, Elite mindsets, Brian Tunney vids

How do you feel about winning the UK groundroots series?
I’m very happy of course, it was great to have a contest series for the AMs, loads of riders competed and brought together the UK riders, thanks to Big E for organising it, if there is a flatland event and you ride, you should come and support it, whatever your level!

Shoutouts: Keelan for the frame and inspiration, Paul Cartwright for all the support and parts thanks mate, Kev at Leon Cycles for my wheel builds and parts, Markfield locals, Ollie, Palmer, Aaron, Robbie, Joe,etc, my sons Matt and Dylan, my bro Ross, get on your bike! And last but not least my girlfriend Georgina xxxxxxxxxxx