Extreme Barcelona 2014

Extreme Barcelona 2014 from James McGraw on Vimeo.

James McGraw just dropped this nice edit from the Extreme Barcelona event, here is what he had to say:

“This year marks 30 years of competing in flatland events around the world. This video is a quick summary of my most recent trip to Barcelona. I had a blast riding with my BMX family and thought it would be good to share. Big Shout out to Viki Gomez for organizing the event and Dominic for hands down winning.”

Aoki Park – Real Toughness Warm Up / Photography by Adrien Cretté

Matthias, No handed inside spinning halfpacker-photo by Adrien Cretté.

Adrien Cretté shot some amazing photographs as Matthias, Ucchie, Moya and Viki warm up at Aoki Park for the Real Toughness event in Tokyo! Hit the link to check out Adriens shots!


Red Bull’s Elimination Rounds – TransWorld RideBMX

Some of the highlights from the Elimination Rounds at the Red Bull COB, without a doubt one of the best contests of all time! Watching this back still gives me goosebumps about the whole night, the build up, the crowd, the vibe, Japan!