Terry Adams & Aaron Ross in BMX Time Machine

It’s been a minute since the first Terry Adams and Aaron Ross collab video, and the latest “Time Machine” edit doesn’t disappoint. Particularly the ender at the 5:46 mark is pretty nuts with Terry jumping from crackpacker “switching to Aaron bike” to opposite feeble on a ledge 180 out. Go watch this one right now!

6 thoughts on “Terry Adams & Aaron Ross in BMX Time Machine

  1. So well done. It’s dishearthening that I’m now feeling more like the old dudes when I go ride at 47. Wondering if Terry’s fall was staged or not! It looked legit.

  2. Terry would actually be really good in a comedy movie. He’s kind of a natural. The accent is so perfect. Not sure about Mr Ross though.

    Loved it! Hilarious!

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