“The Infinitesimal Secrets of The Flatland Kings” Book by Eugene Collins

Art, sport, what is flatland? There is a lot of thought that goes into almost everything related that you can possible think of when you get deep into riding, Eugene Collins has taken the time to go deep into his experiences and way of thinking in flatland.

Here’s what the man had to say about his book that’s now available on Amazon, link below:

“This is the book of The Infinitesimal Secrets of The Flatland Kings. Why are we so driven, so motivated to be artists, writers, dancers, musicians or riders? Why are we so irreversibly impelled to create something of beauty? Why are we so determined to ride? How is it even possible to find infinite creativity within the finite perameters of a 20 inch bicyle? The Infinitesimal Secrets of The Flatland Kings is a brief memoir of the life and work of artist/rider/writer Eugene Collins. It is elegantly illustrated, including flatland artwork drawn by the writer himself.

The story’s narrative seeks to draw the reader into life changing pivotal moments in the life of its writer and at the same time the realm of flatland freestyle and its connection to everything. Flatland is more than just fun, more than just a passion. This book, which is part of a project that spans 20 years, delves deep into the true motivational factors of riding BMX flatland freestyle and, in essence, what it means to be an artist and a Flatland King. Colorful vivid accounts are conveyed in a way that inspires all artists to look deeper and to see beyond the things seen. Its purpose is to inspire creative thought, cognitive growth and a true appreciation for what it really means to be an artist and a rider of flatland.”

You can order the book below:


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