6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays with Pete Olsen

  1. seems like only yesterday when I first saw this ( I hadn’t heard of pete before) ,I was trying to recover from another back injury and was so down. saw this dude and got so stoked ! then saw another edit of his later on and went and saved up and got my custom Intrikat, I hadn’t seen too many riders on 20.5″ frames but i’m so happy I got one. which I’m still on today .so thanks Pete for doing your own thing in such a rad way

  2. Thanks Amos!

    Thanks Shane! Such a trip to hear those words. Sometimes you work on video parts and you never know how people will take to it, whether itll do anything for them or not in terms of motivation so it’s always really cool to hear when people are stoked!

  3. You know how some riders have such a HIGH degree of difficulty/level their riding that you have to rewatch/think about it/rewatch/think about it/rewatch ,etc ,etc ??!!! Then AFTER doing that ……….when youre riding the next day ………..and the trick/tricks you were struggling with ……………..DONT seem that hard anymore , cause in the back of your mind youre thinking about the INSANE edits tricks that you saw the day before ???!!! Well…………………………..and this is me speaking for MYSELF ………..Petes edits , like this one …..have that effect on me/my mind !!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!! Olsen flat-out RULES !!!!!!!!!!!

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