One thought on “Vladimir Isaev – China Chengdu Trip

  1. When he caught those pedals in the X-LEG position , AFTER his killer combo ,WITH the inside tea kettle 360 bar flip , etc ,etc………….Not to mention catching those pedals from a mc circle whopper jump , I SCREAMED at the same time he did ,when he caught the pedals , hahaha . That’s WHY I love this site , finding out about new shredders like THIS guy . Hes got some ripping , fast , carving back wheel flow , X-LEG time / PEDAL time machines , NO handed , etc ………THEN for the edit to finish with him destroying his FRONT wheel , also ……Yeah , Im stoked / sold on this dudes riding……..Not to mention he killed it in the CONTEST as well !! RAD AZ F-K edit , Vladimir , keep ripping , campeon!

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