The Artist is back! Martti Kuoppa..

The last post of the decade, whole bunch of interesting stuff here, check the spinning cliff on the heel, stop dead spin, the artist is back!

Last tricks of this decade (from me) from Ground Tactics on Vimeo.

Flatmatters on fatbmx!

Just did this “the good, bad and the ugly” for Bart @ FatBMX, check it out.

Terry Adams New Years edit

Terry getting it done for New years…enjoy….

Last session of the decade

Today is Friday 31st December 2010, the end of a decade, I’m just about to head out for a session for the last time this decade, at my favourite spot, get out on your bike if you can people!

Hard Core Sick Flatland

Absolute classic, as the decade comes to an end, spoilt for choice recently with old classics going online, check the rider list on this one: Andrew Arroyo, Robert Castillo,Trevor Meyer,Takashi Yamauchi,Taku ODA,Game Weed,Jamie Macintosh,Sean Peters,Leo Dumlao,Day Smith,Shawn White,Ruben Castillo,Nate Hanson,Jason Brown,Nathan Penonzek, Andrew Faris,Matt Gibson, Phil Dolan.

Hard Core Sick Flatland from BMX Freestyler on Vimeo.

How-to Hitchhiker by Bobby Carter

How-tos are great, if your reading this and you need help on how-to do a hitchhiker, listen to Bobby’s advice here, and go make your dreams a reality!

2010 with Adam Kun…

Check out Adam’s review of his year, hit the link…

Thai flat scene edit

Krisada has the flow, sadly don’t see much of this guy! Looks like Thailand has good scene..


Just got this in from Justin Hoey, this website is due to go live New years day, hit the link for lil’ heads up, they planning making this available in iTunes, Zune Market Place, Tivo, BlackBerry World, etc.

Flatland Fuel Gives Out 15 Free Desktop Wallpapers

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