Viki Gomez in front of the Pyramids in Egypt!

Viki Gomez BMX Flatland champion riding in fron of the Pyramids in Egypt!!! from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

About as scenic as it gets…..

Andy Hale progression edit

Andy just made the move up to the pro class at King of Southsea this past weekend, I am stoked to see what this guy brings to the table in future years, for now check this latest edit he put together, awesome back wheel combo!

David Nagy edits

David Nagy drops a whole load of no handed tricks on his old bike, plenty of good stuff right here!

Adrenalin Games 2011

Great to see the scene alive and kicking over in Russia….

Bo Wade & Shawn White Perform For 2012 Toyota Camry Reveal

If your confused by the photo, like I was. Hit the link and find out what Bo and Shawn got up to on his hollywood set…

Rungrote “Jym” edit

This guy has a lot of skill, check it out! Not to mention a dope spot!

Miguel Perez edit

Always good to see new faces, this is Miguel Perez from Peru, 18 years old and riding two years, bright future for this kid if he sticks at it…

King of Southsea Am/Pro Flatland

King Of Southsea 2011 – Am/Pro Flatland from AGParkin on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the weekend here in Southsea by Andrew Parkin who got 2nd place in Novice flat! I think most of this pro footage is from the second runs…

Nene’s backyard jam!

This looked like a whole lot of fun! Awesome vibes in Nene’s backyard!

Pro Comps. Too much Drama? What’s Going On? (part 4 of 4)

Yesterday we left off talking about moving from a “comps + sponsors” way of thinking to a “shows + sponsors” for making it as a pro rider and how to organize ourselves to be able to handle TV appearances and commercials.