• Old School Sundays Part 2

    1990 Nantes AFF Best Of Free – Show Flatland from LPU – Franck Belliot on Vimeo.

    May 1990 – Nantes – Show Flatland with some cracking riding from the likes of Armin Batoumeni, Alexis Desolneux, José Delgado, David Chabert, Albert Retey (check the nose wheelie to whiplash at 07:05), Valéry Botétème, and John Yull, with Armen Djerrahian on the mic! Awesome footage from this show! Albert killed this contest as well!

    Old School Sundays

    Gerry Smith – AFA Austin, TX 1988 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

    Jeff Cotter – AFA Austin, TX 1988 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

    Bill Neuman – AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989 from 990Adjustments on Vimeo.

    This week’s OSS, Three great runs from the AFA Austin, TX 1988, Gerry Smith inventor of the smith decade, also check the junkyard to backwards rideout at the end of his run and Jeff Cotter tearing it up! And last, but certainly not least the uber dialled Bill Neumann, great run from AFA Tarpon Springs, FL 1989. Great uploads by 990 Adjustments again!!

    Matthias Dandois wins Vibration Urbaines

    Photo: http://www.matthiasdandois.com

    Moya just hit us up with results from last nights Vibration Urbaines contest, video will be up later today! Congrats to Matthias and the top three, Adam Kun, and Viki Gomez. And Joachim Sontag for the winning the am class!


    1 Matthias Dandois
    2 Adam Kun
    3 Viki Gomez

    4 Alex Jumelin
    5 Jean Bulhon
    6 Alberto Moya
    7 Rémi Dunoyer
    8 Romain Georges
    9 Arnaud Gravey
    10 Yannick Chauvel
    11 Thomas Noyer
    12 Joachim Sontag


    1 Joachim Sontag
    2 Renaud Meloni
    3 Maxime Luchetti

    4 Chris Gauthier
    5 Melvyn Masson
    6 Laurent Perrier
    7 Jorge (Espagne)
    8 Bruno Samon
    9 Éric Omi
    10 Florian Huguet
    11 Jean-Michel Chauvel
    12 Stéphane Bar
    13 Thomas Legrand
    14 Malory Peloso