2014 BMX Flatland World Circuit Schedule!

Photo credit: Marcio Massayuki Abe.

Just caught this announcement on Ucchie’s facebook, the big news is that Round 4 will take place in Brazil which is a great addition to the circuit. Stay tuned for more updates shortly.

BMX Flatland World Circuit 2014 Schedule

The best 3 results out of 5 stops will be valid for the yearend standings in 2014.

Round1 (May 28 to June 2)
FISE 2014 (France, Montpelier)

Round 2 (Schedule is TBA)
Voodoo Jam (USA, New Orleans)

Round3 (Schedule is TBA)
Barcelona Extream (Spain, Barcelona)

Round4 (Schedule is TBA)
Over Ground (Brazil, Sao Paulo)

Round5 (October, Schedule is TBA)
FLAT ARK (Jana, Kobe)


More details will be updated soon. The schedule is subject to change

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