Adam Guild – 44 Years Old / 44 Tricks

44 by thieviean

Adam Guild celebrates his 44th birthday the best way possible, and this edit fits in perfectly with the OSS theme. Adam takes you through the different genres of tricks, from stationary balancing at the beginning of the edit, hopping tricks, and rolling and scuffing moves towards the end! Really enjoyed this one, thanks for sharing this Adam!

2 thoughts on “Adam Guild – 44 Years Old / 44 Tricks

  1. I really enjoyed this. I will be 44 in two months and still try to ride from time to time. Wish I had a classic GT performer instead of my current Ares. Adam had these classic tricks dialed.

  2. loved this,been thinking to do something like this,not 40 yet ,but still got a bag of tricks,just like this guy, liked the way you built up the level of tricks,and nailed them all,and The Cure with Morriessey,awsome.Rider4life

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