7 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin – Footjam Audi

  1. some people are in BMX for the wrong reasons, and it shows… just to $$$$$$$$$ and that’s lame, I’ve seen it before but were porsches back in the day… or he must be rich, but don’t show it

  2. i think he has made his $$$ elsewhere…. so good on him… didnt he have a bunch of retail stores, clothing line and shit….. good on him…
    probly taking a break and spending his earnt $$$…

  3. Funny how all the commenters didnt click the link. If they had they would know that Alex got it used for less than $6,000 US.

  4. Even if it cost him $500,000 what does it matter? The guy is entitled to do whatever he wants with his money.

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