10 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin – Stemrang

  1. I seen RL Osborn do this trick 1988 in Austin Texas. I think he called it the xerox machine. Alex doing it brakeless brings it to another level.

  2. Can’t wait to see how he combos this. I bet he’s already switching feet midway. So many possibilities!!! Awesome trick!

  3. YES, RL Osborn made this trick up in 1987, Alex’s variation is both more difficult because he is not using a brake, yet easier because he is on the stem instead of the cross-bar…here is a link from 101 freestyle tricks, part 2 where a riders does one at a contest—this video is from 1988…start watching at 12:55


    A lesson to new school riders….many of the “original” tricks have been done years ago, you just have to have an open mind and take the time to go back and watch old bmx videos! This trick is a prime example. Another example is (hang 5 to boomerang back to hang 5) Paul Osicka did that in the early 1990’s and did NOT touch the rear tire on the ground when pulling it off regularly in contest!!! The lesson is …you can learn from the past!

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