Alex Jumelin wins Fise 2015!


Congratulations to Alex Jumelin taking the win today at Fise in Montpelier, France, winning the final battle with good friend, Matthias Dandois, closely followed by Alberto Moya in third place! Check out the videos from the top three right here!

1.JUMELIN Alexandre

2.DANDOIS Matthias

3.MOYA Alberto

4.NOYER Thomas

5.JACOB Kevin



8. Jean Bulhon

9.HENNIG Dan : 50 pts

10.Dustyn Alt

11.Varo Hernandez

12.WADE Bo

5 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin wins Fise 2015!

  1. Congrats Alex! Looks like you had a very solid run! Digging the backwards boomerang straight to nose manual! And that nose manual 180 hop to nose manual is still baffling to me! Congrats to Matthias and Alberto as well!!

  2. I cannot tell by this edit, but im assuming Matthias did not land his link, so that is why he did not win? The judging point system must be heavily based on not touching, otherwise the placement did not make much sense. And if thats the case, why did moya get 3rd instead of 2nd? By this heavily edited video, it appears matthias landed nothing, but moya at least nailed some very high difficulty combo’s ?

    lol @ flattie

    gotta admit, winning run comparably to most pro contests was not much to write home about. Great style, but micro combo’s shouldn’t win a flatland contest. Guess I cant blame the messenger however, it was probably the format of the contest that set it up this way. Cant wait to watch the full edit and find out how the others rode.

  3. To AJ..please don’t come back to the States…the French scene is more alive as u said lets see how much u give back to e flatland scene with your prize money!

  4. From those clips I would have gone:
    1. Dandois
    2. Moya
    3. Jumelin
    Just my opinion.

    Also… the announcing is really funny if you listen to it.

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