16 thoughts on “Alex Jumelin Winter edit

  1. So fluid and fast! Just beautiful stuff that really makes you appreciate how articulate someone great can be on a bike. Reminds me of chris day at the hight of the redondo era.

  2. i like where he is taking his riding, takes balls to completely drop all tricks invovling holding the seat, i can see why u would be disapointed at fise results

  3. tricks with the two hands on the handlebar (not holding the seat), is so much easier on your back !! i used to have a lot of back pain, now that i’m not using my seat so much, my back is feeling so much better !

    I really like this not holding the seat trend, it’s keeping flatland interesting in a way that riders will have to dig deeper for variations and willl eventually come up with new moves.

    Of course this is just a trend, in some years we might all get back to tricks with holding the seat 😉

    or not…

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