23 thoughts on “Alex Worden – The Running Man

  1. Why has matthias video got more views and comments than this? Real groundbreaking originality here folks deserves everyones attention .

  2. Wow! Just think of the amount of people doing halfpackers and backpackers everyday and you were able to find something new. Amazing! I’m going riding right now!

  3. Can’t wait to see it pulled completely. We used to talk about a cross footed karl with a foot on the bar too instead of a hiker.
    Captain Cruiser was the working name

  4. Alex,

    I don’t know how old you are, but the first time I met Jesse Puente was in December of 1993, and he was working on this trick. I saw him trying it, and
    he called it a Magic Carpet. I never forgot that. He was going into it from a forward T-Kettle but could never ride out. There’s some flatland history for you Effraim.

  5. seen matti hemmings trying something the other way round back in 2008 or 2009- trying hitchikers but trying to stand on the grips. got a photo or two from back then on my hard drive- he managed to roll a little with 1 foot on the grip but the balance is all over the shop on it so whether it will become possible who knows. as for the 2 footed version ? gonna have to be a magician to to master that move. ha. as for the running man ( or if it was the magic carpet) its super rad and looks great.

  6. most tricks back in the day were invented by only being able to do the middle or main part of it. figuring out how to get in or out of a trick can be part of the fun- i know the cherrypicker was one of those tricks back in the 80’s. some tricks nowadays you could need to be a member of Mensa to figure em out.

  7. Voltare from the Original gypsy vids was rolling the two footed backwards hiker on the bars. I think it was OG 4 from 2004. It was rad to see it rolled.

    Whether Jesse or some unknown rider in Indonesia has rolled this before that’s rad too. We can only invent tricks to ourselves and share them with everyone via platforms like flatmattersonline.

    Thanks for the platform Effraim!

  8. This is a cool concept i’v toyed with it before many years back too, along with crackpacker on the bars holding back pegs. I also spent 3 solid months on a clifhanger with both feet on the bars that I could roll but never get out off.

    Gota ride in and out to claim it though 😉

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