Andy Cooper – Flatland Monster

Andy Cooper Flatland Monster from Sarah Keeker on Vimeo.

Like yesterday with the Dan Margetts Fm exclusive, I am stoked to see this Andy Cooper edit. It’s been a fair few years since I hung out with this guy during the X Trials/X games era. Andy has been amazing for a long time, but doesn’t get a whole lot of coverage. Check out this new edit filmed in his garage, he works the space for all its worth, good variety of front and back wheel, the standout for me was the turbine hang ten to backwards hang ten pivot to switch foot steam at 2:27. Hit Play!

12 thoughts on “Andy Cooper – Flatland Monster

  1. I knew you’d like that hang 10 line!

    Andy’s super good on the bike, and is a definite nominee for “nicest guy in flatland”.

  2. I had the pleasure of hanging out with him and Sarah at Texas Toast. Andy explained (and Sarah confirmed with enthusiasm) his riding schedule and the way he does his sessions. From what I recall, he rides all night after work, which is totally awesome. It definitely shows in this edit, and it is oddly what flatland is all about: spending tons of time working on hard stuff just for the fun of it.

    Good work Andy. Hope to see you again soon.

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