Ares A-Class Tyre now in Kevlar!

York Uno and the crew at Ares Bykes released the A-Class tyre in Kevlar. The first batch of tyres will be available next weekend at the Flatark contest in Kobe, Japan! Here’s what York had to say on the product:

“Size , successful weight reduction of about 70g compared to the product of the wire bead with two 1.75 & 1.90.
In addition, you can bring it with confidence at home and abroad in the expedition does not take the location of the bag so you can carry it folded
Of course, the compound of the tire you can get a stable grip as well as the wire bead in that you are using a special technology and compounds that can not be imitated in overseas product.”

Keep a look at your favourite distributors and shops for more information!

One thought on “Ares A-Class Tyre now in Kevlar!

  1. An awesome tire just got better! Great news. I bought six pairs of the Ares when flatlandfuel got them in stock this last time.

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