Chase Gouin – Dorkin’ 10

Hard to believe this is ten years ago, without a doubt one of the best/influential sections of all time, flatlanders will look back at this video for years to come for sure! Im pretty sure theres still a few boxsets available, worth asking at Flatland Fuel or Dans Comp, if you somehow missed it!

7 thoughts on “Chase Gouin – Dorkin’ 10

    • I would say scuffing is still around, watching the rebel jam, there was enough scuffing in the finals. So its still there contestwise, its mostly gone away via the groundbreaking edits, Pete Olsen’s springs to mind. The only question, will anyone ever top the brakeless decade stuff Chase did over ten years ago…

  1. its called freestyle folks scuffing,rolling,hopping,spinning etc etc there are no rules riding is riding i scuff i roll i do whatever this ain’t segregation folks, will Stereo Panda ever make a comeback holmes ?

  2. Well i scuff its all i do i’m stuck in 1990 haha ridings riding do what you like etc forget whats hot and whats not as for Chase if somebody did top that it would be one rider not a whole load of guys , and personally i can’t really see it anytime soon ,Chase was way ahead of others at this time way ahead.

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