Chase Gouin – Rise Again 2016

RISE AGAIN – Chase Gouin 2016 from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

Very stoked to see this full edit from one of the all time greats, Chase Gouin! Plenty to digest here, what stood out for me on the first watch were the following, the fire hydrant whips then missing the scuff on two rotations around the 2:04 mark plus the spinning gerator direct switch foot peg decade out without touching the tyre. Great to see Chase sharing his riding once again with the flatland community and for his sponsor, St Martin! Respect due!

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  1. In addition to all the sick ass tricks he drops in this edit, I don’t think I’ll ever stop being amazed by Chase’s ambidextrous abilities when he rides. Being able to do pretty much everything on any side of the bike with either foot still impresses the hell out of me even after watching him do it for so many years.
    Side note because I’ve been searching for more info on the setup, but can anyone shed some light on his rear brake plate setup? Is it just a plate for footjams or is it also 990 mounts for use on brakeless frames? Really appreciate any info I can get on this!

    • @Ultraman Zoffy – I know John Yull uses a similar foot jam plate on the back for all his decade stuff, I believe its a specific plate designed so you don’t have that space where your foot goes in rear chain stay when you do foot jam decades. Not sure who makes it tho, perhaps custom as everyone has different rides.

  2. Great Video. The Tricks look fresh and new compared to all the pumpy spin everything. Always great to See chase ride. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. Left EVERYTHING behind at 18 ………………………….JUST to seek/learn/grow and COMPLETLY master the bike as Powell would say, with Kevin/Plywood Hoods…………………..ACHIEVED that ……………….STILL pushing the art ! TRUE lifer !! SO amped when I saw this , THANK YOU Chase !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chase Gouin here. Not even sure if i’m supposed to comment under my own edit but i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me throughout the years in various ways and are still doing so by acknowledging my obviously simple tricks . But what matters most is that we are here and riding and continuing to strive. Thanks Effraim, for giving me an additional platform to be seen (now i have two platforms…haha) just imagine what could be done with that…haha! That blue plastic decade boost/foot stop thing on my bike is custom made for my frame only and it is not connected to the rear brake in any way. Anyone can feel free to private message me over at my Awethentrick facebook page. It’s finally good rear my head into the public sphere and not have controversy or arguing…haha! Definitely keeping things positive and peaceful and progressive these days! All the best to everyone:)

    • Yo hombre. You were always the man and apologies for dropping the 20 inch vibe off my radar. Glad you’re back. And glad by all accounts you’re doing a okay. I was never ever gonna be a Chase protege but your commitment drove me to excel in other areas. We here in Oz have and will always love your ingenuity. Not sure where you’re at re the illness I’ve read about (?). Hope ok? If not let me know. From Oz you’ve got a lot of support but if we can do more … power to YOU! Advise …

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  6. Chase im glad your back maybe will see you practice at the bingo at manning road parking lot practicing and killing it.
    Ps. Just stay away from the hanging chains in front of chryslers you could end up in met hospital again take care chase

  7. In my biased opinion, you & Kevin Jones pretty much pushed the envelope for riders such’s the Japanese and Europeans. In hindsight, watching these non Us riders ride, I could clearly see where their influences eminated from. I’m happy to see you riding again, but more importantly, you seem to be healthy. I believe your riding is timeless as it’s ageless, a testament to your skill. Absolutely no disrespect to Kevin Jones, but albeit that I haven’t seen any footage of ‘The K’, in many years, albeit I wouldn’t be surprised if K’s still progressing. But, I believe that you’ve surpassed K. Having said that, I’ve longed to see this footage of you Chase, just as I’ve wanted to see K riding to. When you said in Go or Freestylin, that you moved to York, to see if you can somehow be as good as Kevin, , or words to that affect, well don’t be too hard on yourself Chase, in saying ‘your tricks are simple’. The fact’s your worst is better than most, but it’s nice to read your humble words. There’s much younger riders that can’t replicate what you two have done. I hope to see more edits of you,& hopefully not too long to wait,haha!

    Tristan .

  8. Never get bored to watch the latest edit of CHASE….wondering where is he now?Is he ok??IS he riding??Anybody knows?Maybe you BigE??

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