Chris Woodling – Darkside

Chris Woodling is name I haven’t heard in a while, Michael Hughes sent in this awesome short edit of Chris killing the dark side game, definitely give this one a watch! Hell yes!

5 thoughts on “Chris Woodling – Darkside

  1. Respect to Chad for creating / Respect to Chris for just DESTROYING the Dark Side game in this edit !! He could enter these lines in M.O.C. 2019 , I swear man . Check his x-leg innovative twists to an already super difficult concept ! Damn , this is dope !!!!!!! Thanks again , Chad / Chris . Now THATS team work without even realizing it . Creating / pushing flatland for the greater good !

  2. Effraim……you outta send an exclusive REQUEST ,email or message to F.B. , to THIS guy ! Woodling has BEEN killing the flatland game for MANY moons ! Id love to see what he would produce for the FLATMATTERSONLINE EXCLUSIVE CLIP number 27 ……..2015 andTHIS lil edit still hold up to todays standards , amazing dark side variations from Chris ……….

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