Dan Margetts – Worcester to Bristol

This week myself and Matti Hemmings met up with Dan Margetts in Bristol on a really hot day at the Millennium Square riding spot.
Dan was a staple on the UK contest scene from around ’97 to 2010, it was great to catch up with him and have a flat session away from the contest environment, look out for a podcast with him soon.
Many of you might not be too familiar with Dan’s riding, thanks to Matti for filming this one whilst he’s unable to ride. Enjoy this one!

8 thoughts on “Dan Margetts – Worcester to Bristol

  1. YEAHHHH DAN!!!! nice! your riding actually made me think of some old things i have lying in the trickbox! thank! i will dust it off and hopefully document something!!!

  2. Dan didn’t always get the credit he deserved back in the day.

    You can see that he was a bit ahead of time in the way he used spins.

    Always liked his riding and how he just did what he wanted. He kept it simple, short, original and stuck to variations that flowed when everyone else was trying to cram as many tricks and links in as they could.

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