David Hoffmann & Art Thomason Hitch Juggler entries!

Wow, since one guy used a slope, this has really opened up! David drops 48 on a big slant, Art 34 on minimal slant, a slant is a slant, where do you draw the line? Top work guys!!

5 thoughts on “David Hoffmann & Art Thomason Hitch Juggler entries!

  1. Awesome spot Art has got i would buy that parking lot, anyway yes the ” slant ” topic which i will call ” Slantgate ” deduct 20 jugglers from Davids entry and 5 from Arts haha ,these rules on slopes etc should of been layed out for the competitors but i think the juggler guys know that does help when on a on hill haha it is a slight advantage as flat ground relys on your speed not assisted speed as a slope would be.Still sick riding though 🙂

  2. While these are both sick, in my opinion the winner should be choosen from those who did it on flat ground.

    As Effraim said, where do you draw the line?

  3. i agree with Pete here flatland is flat riding on flat ground,its not slope land riding thats an advantage right there with rolling tricks.

  4. Slantgate…I like that name. When I made the rules it didn’t specify use of a slope. What I originally in vision was a rider out there pulling maybe 20..25 on flat ground. There is no such thing as truly flat ground most parking lots in the world are not perfect and have some degree of slant. We are all 3 still talking about it. Thanks to everyone for participating.

  5. plus John Yull = 4 Mark hee hee , great riding though regardless of the terrain and agree most spots are not truly flat apart from Southsea 🙂

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