8 thoughts on “Davis Dudelis – BMX Nose Manual 60 meters (196ft)

  1. Nice job on trying to deflate his tires Howard. You are obviously quite jealous and extremely insecure to make that comment. Funny how your participation in Flatmatters is limited to the forums only. Lmao.

    That was an absolutely amazing nose manual!! Right up there with Denes and Phil Dolan. I know how hard that move is. Much respect.

  2. Jealous hahaha insecure haha yeah i’ll tell my wife that one you moron haha , nice job on a POINTLESS comment Fred obviously have a problem with me but won’t say it to my face init bruv.yes that is funny seeing as you suck more than me judging by your edits haha , leave Doles alone you don’t even know him you mug.

  3. Hows that then Fred ?? i was merely saying that i bet he won’t be riding at 41 with countless world champ titles under his belt like Phil (Dolan) , how is that a diss its realistic Phils a friggin legend , this guys awesome no doubt about that but i made a worthy statement you wanna bite feel free you are making yourself even more stupid then you realise , and i’m jealous ? what am i 15 i’m 44 you fool haha i ride thats me whos jealous ? what of ? i make enough money ,i provide for my family and i write back to cretins like you get a grip son.
    I don’t advertise or document my riding on film for FM as i’m crap nothing special why lie but what i’m not allowed an opinion this is democracy i said nothing wrong here but you wanna give it and time again i get this of morons like you as you are clearly bothered by me you feel threatened by me online haha that that is funny and as for any insecurity haha what are you a shrink , i run my own business i have a wife i have kids i have a 300 grand house in the most prestigious part of Surrey UK mmmmm guess what no insecurities there but if i have i’ll let you know Doc .
    Penner no relation to Dick are the same bozo that said he was a pro in the 80’s yet fabricate some crud and judging by your edits you were clearly not , don’t lie to make yourself feel better who’s insecre now huh ?? haha
    Now Fred get back to Scooby Doo and the gang and bugger off into cartoon land where you belong as clearly you are fat and laughable LMAO PMSL LOL etc etc bye honey babes mwaaaaaa xxx

    • My limited knowledge in how to ban people doesn’t help Archon no matter how who it is to be honest! Definitely an area I need to improve on with the site.

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