12 thoughts on “Dax Wolford – Aug ’14 Shreveport

  1. now this is an edit that makes you wanna ride! the scream at the first clip was worth it alone. the fucking frustration/love of flatland rolled into one. more please Dax

  2. Chris: awesome thanks brotha!

    Niko: gracias amigo!

    Shane: wow dude stoked I had that effect on people. Thanks!

    Ron: thanks for watching it!

    Gonzalo: awesome thanks brotha. Had fun riding with you at voodoo. Buenos trucos amigo!

  3. I w00ted and clapped really loudly for that stick-B link.

    So so good. I’m a total fan of Dax.

    I am particularly fascinated by the masterfully ironic combination of his happy / polite personal demeanor and his clenched-teeth mean-mugging bike-chucking loud death metal riding.

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