7 thoughts on “FLAT ARK 2015 “FINAL BATTLE” – Martti Kuoppa VS Matthias Dandois

  1. You have to be happy that the modest, humble guy took it. Marttis interview after was sick too….going to give some of the money back to flatland because he doesn’t need money to be happy.

    Pulling the same combo you always pull (although still badass) and then ripping your shirt off and screaming just seems a bit silly.

  2. So refreshing to see super hard rolling/balance tricks beating out super fast combos/pumping tricks…Martti looked so calm & collected out there. He reminds me of Kevin Jones debuting new tricks at the AFA Comps.

    • I agree with you about Martti reminding Kevin Jones at the AFA comps… I think we will remember those 5 stem lashes, and all the riders on stage going crazy, just as we watch KJ’s first hitchhiker with the crowd wondering what the hell is going on. Those 5 stem lashes are part of bmx flatland contest history.

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