FlatmattersOnline 2014 Year End Awards Deadline today!

Deadline closes today, Sunday 4th January 5PM GMT.

Welcome to the 2nd annual FlatmattersOnline Year end awards, as we look forward to celebrating our 6th birthday tomorrow. It’s time to put your thinking hats on, search the site to see who had the best year in each of the categories. A few people asked last year, why so many categories? The reason is simple, purely to recognise more than one persons achievements throughout the year.

I have chosen to announce the awards a little later this year, to reflect the whole year more.
The top 5 nominees will be announced Sunday 4th January, with the winners announced the week after, Sunday 11th January. This gives people a full month, and more importantly based on feedback from last year, time after Christmas, rather than rushing between the festive period and New Years Eve like 2013.

Good luck to everyone, look out for some posts related to the awards throughout the next month and a huge thank you to Johann Chan for his amazing graphic design work once again!


Effraim Catlow

Flatmatters Editorial awards
* Rider of the year
* Edit of the year

Flatmatters Online Reader Awards – seven categories for you to vote!
1-Rider of the year
2-Edit of the year:
3-Brand of the year:
4-Innovation of the year:
5-Contest Run of the year:
6-Most Progressive rider:
7-Breakthrough rider of the year:
*Only one vote per person per category.

How do you vote?
Send your votes through to: effraim@flatmattersonline.com – entitled Flatmatters Awards 2014 – Please note: voting only counts via email.
* Medals mailed out after January 11th.

Top 5 Nomineees Announced: Sunday January 4th

Winners announced: Sunday January 11th.

6 thoughts on “FlatmattersOnline 2014 Year End Awards Deadline today!

  1. No award for ” Most sarcastic posts” or “Most Caps Used In A Post”….
    Damn, maybe next year. I’m gonna drink even more in 2015!

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  3. spent so much time going thru all of the 2014 recaps that I almost forgot to vote( just over an hour left) cant wait to see results?

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