FlatWeb TV episode 33

It’s about that time! Anthony is back with episode 33 of flatweb TV with a new cohost! This months episode, he goes through the flatmatters pick of the month, plus the King of Concrete contest, an interview with the masterminds behind Reklamation bikes plus a whole lot more. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “FlatWeb TV episode 33

  1. Did I miss an episode with mention of O´Marisquinho? People should plan there August to go to O`Marisquinho and then to Effraim´s contest like JFB did.

  2. Awesome show Anthony!
    Shame I didn t get a chance to meet you when I was in PDX last Aug.
    Did bump into Dave Nourie though.
    Great city and super nice people you have there.

    • Thanks Anthony for not only the flatmatters pick of the month, which this month was a tough one hence the quantity mentioned as well!

      But especially for the segment on king of concrete! This year was a vast improvement on previous years, and ill be looking to raise the bar for next years event.

      Looks like he missed round 2 of the world Circuit. As I didn’t see that in a previous show.

      Once again great show, really look forward to the Osaka and Dave Nourie show!!!

  3. One of the best episodes so far me thinks! The interview with the guys from Reklamation was very informative. Whilst the geometry of the Frame is not for me i definitely respect the thought, time & effort that went into designing & eventually getting Standard to manufacture them! I am intrigued as to what the new parts in the works are?! Reklamation Handle Bars? If they are anywhere near as the quality of the Frame (& I’m sure they will be!) They could very well be on my shopping list! Also the KOC review was great! As is said in my YouTube comment, i have featured in an episode of FlatWeb TV!! Haha one to cross off the life list 😉

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