Foundations of Style Remix – Pat Fisher Experimental BMX

After two years of silence off the internet (riding wise), Pat Fisher is back with this fresh Foundations of Style remix edit.

Here’s what Pat had to say about the project:

“For this edit I wanted to push the conceptual paradigms of BMX hard by blending elements of flatland and street BMX with trials mountainbiking, and taking that riding out of the city to locations unlike any other BMXer has ridden. This new style is then set to a remix of the “Foundations of Style” podcast series, which was published through ImprimaturBMX to provide an analysis of the major social and material factors which have (and continue to) influence what new styles of riding catch on.”

9 thoughts on “Foundations of Style Remix – Pat Fisher Experimental BMX

    • That whip on the berm was also my favourite along with the up-grind to nose mannie down the boulder. I met Pat at one love jam a couple years back. Quite a character!

  1. This is really fresh and original. People will get inspired to try things that never been imagine before such as riding flatland on dirt, grass, etc. Might grab off road tires for flatland training on a grass field.

  2. Just goes to show that it’s the rider not the bike. There are guy who are buying a whole new mountain bike every year who can’t do that stuff.

  3. I listen / love a band called Schammasch . Theyre a black metal band , but with an advent -kinda genre twist to their music ……REALLY unique stuff that pushes , breaths fresh air into metal music . This edit by Pat Fisher is like Schammasch to me , their album called Triangle , just refreshing , outside the box , NON cookie cutter , etc , etc !! Two years was well worth the wait for THIS …..LOVED IT , pure bmx FREESTYLE , zero rules / zeo conformity …..ALL freestyle !! Really dug this . Cant even imagine the work that went into EVERY minute of this !

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