5 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #93

  1. Good question Jason ! I swear man , Im so stoked on Giannis as a rider…….. That hes even been starting to influence my riding sessions lately . I used to go out in my moms garage with a set plan like …….Ok practice these switches , that combo , learn this trick , etc ………NOW after watching so many of his past / present edits , the WAY that , um …..You can just tell he doesn’t have any SET plans when he rides ,like yeah of course his personal progression , but it seems like he just sessions whatever tricks /combos come into his mind in the moment ….Making his progression happen VERY naturally , not forced / pushed , if you get my meaning ?? Without me even really realizing it …….Ive just been doing whatever tricks , combos I happen to fancy at the moment , while STILL trying to progress , also . Now I DONT have a tricktionary , more like a short story book , hahahahaha , if you catch my drift , hahaha ! Thing is watching / studying Giannis has given me a lil different approach to my own riding sessions , hell , watching ALL disciplines of bmx helps with that too ! To me always watching anyone who is WAAAAAAAY better , more skilled than me , like Giannis is just motivating to me , and helps with drive factor of flatland . Damn I hope Giannis gets , well in my opinion ……….I hope , think he DESERVES a N.O.R.A. CUP nomination for 2019 for his SKILL LEVEL alone ! I think hes so underrated STILL to this day . Id like to do what Big E did , couple years ago ……………interview him AGAIN ! Effraim did such a rad job though………Sooooooooooo…….How bout a follow up interview Big E ??!!

    • Hey Rodney, I would leave the follow up interview with Giannis for a while. Seems a little bit too soon, and have other riders I am starting to work on for the winter season.

  2. If it has been said, Giannis seems as if he really doesn’t follow the crowd, so to speak. He seems to just ride the way he wants. I wish more people were like that.

  3. As the BMX years continue to slide on I see vids and think “yeah it be fun to ride with this person..”. On the list with Trey Jones and the McKeon bros is also Gianni. I watch his vids and can’t help but wonder what he’s got to throw down.

    6:32~ was crazy good.

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