Guru Jam Diaries Part 1

Joe, downside no handed halfpacker whip.

Yesterday was my first full day in Columbus Ohio as we approach the Guru jam contest on Saturday. This event is a real coming together of the flatland community, from Joe’s training facilty the “Terradome” that he rents, to friends Todd Carter out in LA helping with the logo design, Scott Nagy getting the livestream set up for you all to watch, to longtime friend Catfish MC’ing the event. The excitement is building everyday.

Scott took me to the Terradome, which is actually “Terradome2” as they already had a previous indoor spot which was way more ghetto. When you arrive into the Terradome, my thought was wow this legit, like the Berrics of flatland I have dreamed of for years. Joe is making it happen.

Scott Nagy working on hitch turbines.

I ended up riding a solid 6 hours in two sessions with Scott Nagy and Joe Cicman, as I always ride on my own back home so experience something fresh. I offered advice to Scott on hitch turbines and was so rewarding to see him progress at them during the session. Joe got off work and was on fire right out of their gate, it was obvious Joe has been working uber hard on his consistency. The fire in the eyes was motivating to see to say the least.

Yours truly Flatmatters, mid x-ft juggler.

The guru jam is going to go off this weekend, Joe just confirmed Dane Beardsley is coming to the event. Riders are arriving today from York PA, Chicago, Danny Sirkin, Tyler Gilliard from Florida and many more. You can watch the event live on Saturday with various interviews hosted by Krys Dauchy throughout the day as well as the contest broadcast. Stay tuned for further updates.

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