12 thoughts on “Ivan Makushev – trip Izhevsk city 2014

  1. I love Ivans riding and think it’s great he is so versatile. Is he the first Flatlander to do flairs? How about Dave Mirra? How about Jay Miron?

  2. Love this kid’s bmxing. That’s what we called it back in the day when we rode everything. Great kid just frigging great!

  3. 24 years ? damn, almost 1/4 century… he pulled that one in U.K if I’m not wrong, that’s amazing. Recall watching that flair on GO the riders manual and later on VHS lol. Effraim made it more than once on that mag !

    • @obscure – That is amazing. I never knew he was a flatlander.I know he rode flatland… In bonus trivia, that was me filming in mansfield when Mat pulled the flair 🙂 Kevin Martin asked me to film whilst he mc’ed…

      @denny – good point!

  4. you could say he’s a modern day version of what many of us were in the 80’s- most rode flat and vert – not all could get the height and style but many did stand out on both-dmc,moliterno,wilkerson, hassell,brown, andy reardon,etc..
    tricks have changed with the times though….top stuff.

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