James McGraw – A Year in the Life

A Year in the Life from James McGraw on Vimeo.

James breaks this one down for you: “2013 Has been nothing short of amazing for me. For me this was the best year I had on two wheels. I rode for me not contest or money and personally it paid off. I have to thank first and foremost my wife and kids for letting me follow my passion. I have to thank London Bikes for supporting an old dog like me. Next I have to thank Yellow designs bmx stunt team and a Big shout out to Robert with Bmxfreestyle team for having me along this summer. I am not only a rider but also a huge fan so shout outs to my inspirations, Vickey G, J-Dub, Jason P, Mattihias D, Hiro M, Sir James White, Alex J and the king of Style Uchie. As for others who inspired me with their kind words and friendship I say thanks Todd Carter, Rick Allison, All of the Austin Crew and Jim McKay. I’m out see you next year.”

8 thoughts on “James McGraw – A Year in the Life

  1. Helluva shr-edit, James! Progression and Fun are definitely part of the equation for feeling young and staying stoked. Great traveling, performing and competing with you this year!

  2. Awsome year in edit James! I too love the attitude and have mad respect bro! Great to see you still killing it after all you’ve been through!

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