James McGraw – Scuffgate 2015

The story of Scuffgate is a tale of broken promises, at Bike Days in Switzerland earlier in the year James made the promise to myself and Michael Sommer to never do a backwards bar ride in a contest ever again, fast forward to Flatark and BITR James admittedly had a broken ankle and brings out the backwards bar ride, even funnier was that Michael was judging at Flatark and both of us at BITR. The joke grew that James can’t keep a promise, now fast forward to James White’s new video! McGraw declares, “I’m never touching the tyre again” (this lasted an hour) much to our amusement! I knew we wouldn’t have to wait long for this edit, but James came through with this nice part “Scuffgate 2015”, and in particular the last switch is so good! It’s going down for real!

2 thoughts on “James McGraw – Scuffgate 2015

  1. THIS rules !!! I keep up with James riding on the DAILY , always PUSHING , PROGRESSING , SHAPING his style !!!!! PROPS James , I ALWAYS wanna see that CROSSWALK , love it !!!!! Your VIMEO channel is SO rad also !!

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