13 thoughts on “James White Ride On Interview Part 1

  1. Fantastic. Still riding…. At the top of his game too. I hope to be half as good as him later in life, really liked the bio!! cs t wait for part 2

  2. So awesome to hear this history. For my formative years I rode alone then my first riding partners were old school riders and they told me stories from the 80s and 90s, I’ve always enjoyed hearing about it.
    Awesome riding throughout! That bike flip from the beginning was crazy!
    Look forward to the net parts

  3. Props Groundwork was my first video (VHS tape!) when I started riding, and James’s section really stood out to me then, even though I couldn’t properly comprehend the technical difficulty of anything he was doing.

    Many years later, I got to meet the legend himself when I went to Southsea, and it’s amazing to see him still being on top of flatland now.

    A very well deserved featured section and I can’t wait for the next parts!

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