JF Boulianne wins Anarchy in Anderson!

Todd Carter, on way to second place in the AM class. Photo by Bill Nitschke.

Steve Lapsley kindly sent in the full results from yesterdays Anarchy in Anderson, Round 3 of the AM Flat series! Which took place at Unknown Sports Skatepark, Anderson, Indiana. Congrats to JF, Joel Schallhorn, Shaun Lapsley, Ivan Adameic for the wins in their classes! Hopefully some edits soon!

1. JF Boulianne
2. Andy Cooper
3. Mark Kuhlmann
4. Todd Gully
5. Jon Dowker

1. Joel Schallhorn
2. Todd Carter
3. Prasheel Gopal
4. Austin Luberda
5. Bryan Huffman
6. Zunwu Zhou
7. Micah Murray
8. Ivan Adamiec
9. Kenny Boucher
10. Ron Monis
11. Alex Poirier
12. Omari Cato
13. Lincoln Harberger
14. Steve Lapsley
15. Alan Young
16. Johnny Tamayo
17. Joe Cicman
18. Mike Smith
19. Josh Hansen

1. Shaun Lapsley
2. Fox Kinsman
3. Paula Callery
4. Lea Dobrowski
5. Paul Newkirk
6. Nathan Silva
7. Liberty Armstrong
8. Addison Moore

1. Ivan Adameic
2. Mike Smick
3. Jeff Brown
4. Hiro Tsuchida
5. Mark Mundt
6. Tony Strickler
7. Tim Neff
8. David Larocca
9. Paul Hahn

7 thoughts on “JF Boulianne wins Anarchy in Anderson!

  1. Congrats JF! A well deserved first I’m sure, after watching you blow up at the 1000islands contest! Can’t wait for the videos!

  2. Event was a great time. The Pro finals was a sick atmosphere with everyone being so close. Todd deserves the best trick/worst trick trophy for sure for his Invertabrator…OMG i died for a second. (youtube it folks)

    JFB went off in finals as well as all day long though.

    Loved Danny Surkin’s and Joe Cicman’s entrance.

    Cutlass car that had 4ft wheels on it rollin through.

  3. Liberty Armstrong’s run was the high light of the comp to me. Almost broght a tear to my eye. Her dad was going to compeat but he dident have enough for both so he gave it to her wich made it even better, word

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