19 thoughts on “Joe Cicman – Double Jaffa Whip Rebate

    • @Lee – if the bike is whipping from side to side its not a front yard. Sam Foakes did something similar to this a few years back but turbine style, he called it a Pendulum.

      @everyone – Is it not great that an AM is pushing the sport! Big props Joe! Very impressed! Theres countless possibilities with this style, and I look forward to more of this!

  1. @E – I guess cos it’s moving. Surly someone else has done it in a stright line or craving? I’v toyed with it and got it to turbine but figured someone else had already done it. Kills your ancles/legs!

  2. I really think it should be sick-man not siss-man. Lets see a no handed whiplash! If i was to do a rebate on that one i would do three whips like one and a half rebate i guess youd call it. That way i wouldnt have to do an opposite no handed rideout. Normally i like learning opposite stuff but that i would pass on.

  3. two words: Mazar Kadri from toronto, theres video of him online somewhere doing full no handed whiplashes in front of the bars, into crackpack and out, crazy! does anyone know if this guy still rides?

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