Jungle rider exclusive!!!

Just received the first sample of the Jungle Rider frame. I have decided to call it “WILD 1”.
Everyone can think of what it stands for. However, most of you probably noticed that a lot of the frames and other components are breaking nowadays. In fact, some of the frames are dangerously weak at some points and you don’t wish to break them so easy.At this point I should mention that Jungle Rider won’t make super duper hyper light components, because they cannot be strong enough, at least to me and to many others.

Right now I am starting off with everything step by step and really do what I can afford to do so I will release the frame and a handlebars. Design of the frame is not original but that is going to be the futures standard for strong frames. And actually, I really like the outlook of simple straight tube frames!

Besides bringing in another flatland company to the market I do have a good thought behind it all. I want to make my company more like a movement to support flatland scene, yes, the existing one, I am not going to make the scene bigger, but I want to support the existing scene by donating certain amount of each sold frame to the winner of the Ground Tactics project. At the end of the day at least I am able to pay that plane ticket to a pro competition to him later this year.

And if things will go bigger, year by year I am able to offer better prize for the riders who attend Ground Tactics.

Yes, I am building a new sponsor for the scene.

I will start testing soon and I will have Toon from Thailand who is riding hardcore and probably 4 times more than me testing the frame for 2 – 3 months. Then we are able to tell if it is strong enough to release.

Until then, stay pure. That’s all we got!                            

As for the specs.
74.7 head angle

18.8 tt & 18.4 tt
weight.1750 g

PS.. This is my first signature frame!


13 thoughts on “Jungle rider exclusive!!!

  1. Im stoked Martti chose flatmatters to show this frame, and his new "jungle rider" project..
    This looks tight!!!
    Think this frame is going to be mighty popular!!!
    Good luck Martti!!!!


  2. Nice work martti, way to clear the b.s and get something worthy under hardcore riders. Im looking forward to getting my hands on one, not a good feeling riding something your..waiting to self destruct.

  3. im sure everyone will get behind marttis new venture, simple frame,fresh ideas towards sponsorship-the guy could get pissed off and disapear from the scene , glad to see hes still pushing the sport in both riding and buisness

  4. This is right up your alley huh Lee? He's def got fresh ideas, martti's about the artform and taking it forward.
    I have to admit, i'm not normally a fan of double diamond designs, but this looks so fresh and clean i really like it.

  5. You know that E!
    I liking MK's vision.
    No self-interest, just doing it for the pure love.

    Attacking the wack!
    Gimmick free.
    Staying true.

    Plenty good, good times ahead!

  6. Well put trev!!!
    Also forgot to mention, is this not unbelieveable that this is his first signature frame!!! That blows my mind!

  7. Me though too trev… im sure martti will reply when he's got the time…
    You getting rid of that st martin trev? 🙂

  8. And how big is the back end? I'd worship the ground Martti walked on if he'd make one 19" with a 13"+ CS.

    There's too many eeny weeny frames out right. Not only are frames getting simpler but they're also progressing towards bigger sizes.

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