King of Southsea repo part two!!

Great shot of Whitey, two footed dump truck in the P05!

The pro class followed, with 7 riders. I was of course on home turf, and enjoyed riding my home spot with all the riders this weekend! Myself and Keelan tied for first place, I think we both touched twice in our best runs, Keelan’s first run being his better, multiple cliff and hitch turbines, halfcab 180 hop to hang nothing, no handed crack turbine, all with signature Keelan smooth style! My second run was the betterof mine, pretty stoked to stomp the back wheel combo (check vid) as couldn’t do decades all week prior (pulled muscle in arm). I don’t really like talking about myself, and this event was not about me, it was about everyone else and the future! James White as ever rocked the house (or the park) with ultra smooth one handed whiplash juggler combos, a lovely double dump truck varial stomped, and uber close to a sick two footed dump truck straight to two footed death truck! Level vibes james?

Jason Forde had one of his best contest runs, mixed in a lil street flava with nice hop 3, lovely gadget whip to crackpacker, Mr Forde was loving it! Good to see Jay ride well! Phil Dolan treated the crowds to a sick backwards nose wheelie, which has been one of the most talked about tricks of the contests, ramp guys are still coming up to me in the park and asking how he does that, Phil???

Jason Forde, gadget whip on way to 3rd place in pro flat! photo by vlad.

Lee Wilson for me is one of the positives of Uk flat right now, coming through the expert ranks and hanging in the pro, that in itself for me deserves respect! Lee’s second run was great, lovely walkaround hitches, inside karl to steams into long combos, Lee is busting out! Stoked to see this! Sixth place went to Gabor, TGM local, rolling skills for days, he did a ton of hitch jugglers, one handed multiple whiplashes to hitch, skills!! Last place and not least was Steve Green, another TGM local mixed front and back wheel nicely, Cliff turbines, saved with bike laying down straight to decade, xft turbine mega spins shove it to regular turbine decade out, and almost hit a clean whopper (he did in practise!)

That wrapped up the pro contest, one more time big up to everyone who came and supported King of Southsea! This was my first year doing this solo, thank you to title sponsor, Flatware for their support! Deep BMX, and no doubt Chris Massey at function flatland store for some incredible prizes! The only question now is “what’s next?”. Let’s build on this…..Flat matters!!! King of Southsea will be back next year!!!

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  1. A Gadget Whip is a hitchhiker juggler where you don't touch the pegs or tire. Instead, you hold on to the seat the whole time. You have to stretch a little bit to get the wheel under your arm. The name came from my having a long arm, like Inspector Gadget. That was in 1999.

    Try it! They are fun!

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