KOG/WC Round 2 Footage: Final battle and more!

Final battle: Yohei Uchino vs Moto Sasaki

Shinishi Kiba vs Matthias Dandois

Moto Sasaki vs Dominik Nekolny

Yohei Uchino vs Nao Yoshida

Great footage uploaded by Yusuke Origuchi from the KOG/WC Round 2! Plenty of awesome riding to take in! Enjoy these! No doubt more to follow!

25 thoughts on “KOG/WC Round 2 Footage: Final battle and more!

  1. Great as it is i’ve seen it all before ,same old material its a question of who pulls their tricks on the day and if anyone disagree’s you are blind , Kiba was dope yah.

  2. #rumourhasit Howard is going to drop an amazing, ground-breaking edit tomorrow, with not just brand new tricks, but a brand new style of riding.

    Looking forward to it, Howard. Will check flatmatters first thing tomorrow morning! Can’t wait for this timeless contribution to flatland from you.

  3. Thanks Prasheel Precious guy so precious you are haha but i’m not so shut your mouth son, your mistaken my old mucka skinny bwoy i suck at riding i’m crap but as a critic to this media circus i’m allowed an honest opinion am i not ?? riders should be able to take any criticism either on here or in person and don’t get all defensive if you don’t agree with me fine i don’t care why should i care .
    what i said is correct IN MY EYES if there’s a rumour out there then you need help mentally because there is no rumour about me as my close friends,work collegues or family would know about it not some moronic big mouth on here that i don’t even know like you .
    I never hold back on my words and seriously if you believe any rumour about me WHO YOU DON’T KNOW then your as dumb as you sound and i agree with Sakis Uchino is a legend awesome rider πŸ™‚ you shold think twice before biting at me because i bite back and you won’t win trust me fool Prashy washy woo woo hahaha

  4. #rumourhasit Prasheel is really bothered by me haha watch him bite back with a lame attack haha god you are so gullable LOL

  5. This was so great to watch thanks!
    I’m a big mathiafan but I have a feeling he felt awkward right there because they all have beaten him with true hard flatland!

  6. Hey Howard, let’s talk about something serious mate, I saw a pic of Jason Ellis, Mike Canning, Mark Atkins and Jon Cong Barnett together riding at this vert ramp, still riding ??? f…. mate, awesome ah ??? and Denis Wingham also in those pics

  7. wow and Nao’s backwheel spin must have been one of the fastest things ive seen in flatland, interested to see where he takes that.

  8. They do the same tricks for years for contest because they don’t want to touch. If Uchino did some front wheel combine with his back wheel to keep you guessing what he going to do it would be unreal to watch. Uchino has master the pumping style where it looks like he flowing not pumping.

  9. I’d really like to see that new backwheel trick from Nao and that deathtruck trick that Ucchie was trying ! great footage πŸ™‚

  10. Howard, I’m bummed.

    Ran to this site first thing this morning to check for your edit, but there wasn’t anything. πŸ™

    At least I got to watch Lee’s riding this morning; now there’s a top bloke that actually rides and contributes to the sport.

  11. @uzumaki,
    If everyone did touchless runs I’d give it to Matthias. Every rider in these videos besides Matthias had very little variety. Every link seemed to contain 75% of the same tricks. As an example, whats harder one rider doing a time machine on the peg and next trick a time machine on the pedal or a rider doing time machine on peg and next trick a spinning crackpack? Its not hard to learn a time machine on pedal if you can do it on peg, time machine on peg isnt going to help learn a spinning crackpacker.

  12. i think uchie deserved to win. but i bet DOM will got 2nd place..

    everyone can do flat street.. but, cross footed opposite tricks with variety is a different story yo.

  13. i think DOM deserve the win over moto.. as you can see in the vid everyone was surprised with the result, even the pros at the back of the judges have a confused face over that white flags..

  14. Prasheel don’t be bummed and don’t run to a site, walk its safety first remember ,your bummed ok haha whatever that means and yeah Lee is a top bloke stop bum kissing and flatlands a sport now is it haha its a dead sport then because i’ve never seen it in the newspapers.
    When you come to Southsea you will see how crap i am so you can talk to me face to face as much as you like much easier that way and i never even said i was any good so i don’t know why you assume i am anyway , sarcasm is not your strong point us Brits are good at that
    Guess opinions don’t matter anymore we can only judge on what we see honesty is the best policy i was taught that as a child, to value something unnecessarily would be like living a lie , we are only judged by others on what they want to believe and see that is a bad character judgement and assesment.

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