Level Vibes 2009

The return of Level Vibes is one week away, for sure one of the most important events on the flatland contest calendar. With a week to go, lets go back to the last time this legendary event was held in 2009. Featuring riding from Mr LV himself, James White, myself, Viki Gomez, Sam Foakes, Giannis Caternellis, Jeremy Brosset, Phil Dolan, Steve Green, Jason Forde, and many others. Nice trip down memory lane watching this one again this morning. Enjoy!

One thought on “Level Vibes 2009

  1. Really good, varied tricks and riding in this throwback! I figure Sam Foakes is still out there killing it on a secluded tennis court somewhere in the UK and could come out and smash the contest scene again anytime he chooses… the no handed whiplash variants coming out recently are something I’d love to see him work with since it seems perfect for his style.

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