Lindsey La’akea Bode – breaks and creates

breaks and creates from everasitwillbe on Vimeo.

Hawaii vibes in this new edit out of the talented Lindsey La’akea Bode, lot of interesting styles coming out of this “breaks and creates” edit. Digging Lindsey’s variations on the rollback hanglider linking to fire hauls, and especially the banger at 3:05. Hit play!

3 thoughts on “Lindsey La’akea Bode – breaks and creates

  1. Holy crap, just rapid fire with the bombs in this edit!! Killer stuff, and I seriously dig the raw style Lindsey nails everything with.
    Just curious, anyone know what rise his bars are? They look huge, but that might just be either his height or the seat height making them look big…

  2. LOVING how furious Lindseys style has gotten in the last 7 months , VERY snappy / aggressive with his fire haul / boomerangs / whiplashes , the BEST part for me is now he justs LEEEEEAAAPS to his stem during his lines , and I NEVER can catch WHEN he going to during his lashes , fire hauls , etc !!! LOVE watching him ride ! CHILL vibes , BUT FURIOUS vibes ON the bike , DIGGING that alot ! LEGEND guild IS CORRECT , Lindsey IS destroying !!!!

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