14 thoughts on “Martti Kuoppa’s version of the Worlds!!!

  1. HAH. You guys are the best! Please remember, it will be very different from high quality organized competition but riding should speak for itself! And the surface.
    If it rains out, we all go to my regular spot where I filmed my recent stemlash clip! It´s perfect spot but depending on how many guys turns out it can get tight, hahaha.
    Night session possible there as well because there is a perfect lights.

    Helsinki has a lot of good spots to offer.

  2. amazing idea – so pure – so good! already checked flights! looking forward to that! thanks martti for doing what you do!

  3. Well someone had to do something! Flatland already has lots of great jams year long but that won't bring the sportlights, the photo shoots, the videos to the big magazines and sports channels. Go Martti!

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