15 thoughts on “Mateus Beckmann – BMX Street 2015

  1. He’s got skills. Does he still also ride flatland? On one hand I’m psyched to see this, but on another it would be depressing if one of our best and brightest riders for the future just rides street now.
    I’m all about people riding multiple disciplines so I’m hoping he still rides flat.

  2. Rarely do I leave comments. This deserves the highest praise. Really inspiring to see your progression Mateus. You’ve really distanced yourself from where we were riding at a few years ago on the global flat contests. My hat goes off to you, kudos, you’ve really outshone the rest of the pack.

  3. Ok props to Mateus for ‘doing his thing’ but why does the rest of BMX need to see it? Street riding has been beyond this for a minute and on some dead serious obstacles.

    • It would be nice for the rest of bmx to see what this talented Brazilian is doing, a fresh face in the scene is always good! In his last edit cross hand tooth hanger that I’ve never seen before and just the way he rides and approaches the tricks is a lil different I guess with flatland skill as a basis he has a bright future. A lot of bmxers would be psyched to see this, why would they not Ben?

  4. Does he have a chain? I recognize the control but, if it doesn’t influence the tricks, why take it off? I guess I don’t understand the impetus for taking the chain off the bike. How does riding chain free influence things?

  5. Riding without a chain is similar to riding without breaks. It takes away another tool that you can leverage for control when doing real wheel pivots on the pedal. I did not notice his chain was off….that makes this even more crazy!

    ben q: I think you do have a point, street riders have indeed been past this level of riding for a while now, but can you imagine how good Mateus is going to be in a few years? Surely its worth while for bmx media sites to broadcast fresh new talent that is absolutely destroying it on his FIRST street/park edit? And no one can argue that the majority of edits posted on these sites are beneath the level of talent displayed here by Mateus. I see crap posted all the time thats far far beneath this talent zone.

  6. The brakes, no brakes question of difficulty and has intrigued me for some time so I sought the perspective of a neuroscientist to see what she had to say. I have always thought that brake less riders have a style that flows in a way that braked riders can’t match. That said, given that I am 43 and have only ever ridden bikes, with the exception of my fixed gear commuter, with brakes, I have stayed with the brakes so I can do what I can without the starting at ground zero dilema. Well, according to the neuroscientist, ridding with brakes would likely require some additional brain function and coordinated activity that would make it significantly slower and “clunkier” in many respects. Her educated guess was that the brakeless rider would have feet and lower body sensitivity that was greatly enhanced. Interestingly enough, we she checked out videos of both types of riders, her intuitions seemed to fit what she was seeing. You should know, Mr. Olson and Mr. Powell that she was blown away by your riding and, since she has worked with a number of traditional athletes, she thought you guys,and Mullen and Daewon Song, displayed some of the highest level of coordination she has seen. Just thought you guys might find this interesting.

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