Matt Wilhelm’s New Prototype Hoffman Bikes Signature Frame

Hoffman Bikes just honoured Matt Wilhelm with a well deserved signature frame that is in its first prototype stages. The specs are below, check it out! He is looking for a name for the frame, suggestions?

Top Tube: 18.9
Head Tube Angle: 75
Seat Tube Angle: 70 (Matt likes this mellow angle because it gives more room up front).
He also have deeper dropout slots than many frames and experimenting with a shorter rear end.

8 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm’s New Prototype Hoffman Bikes Signature Frame

  1. about time ! and like you say well deserved. luv the colour and look apart from the top tube gets oval at the seat post tube ( my Intrikat is the same and to me it just don’t feel right).i’m not making much sense kinda got sun stroke. LOL.

  2. Hi. You came to my school in 5th grade and signed a picture of me. And it was in grant park. I was wondering how much your signature would cost?

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