Matthias Dandois – KTGM Jam 2013 in Budapest

Martin over at Global-Flat just dropped this great edit of Matthias Dandois warming up at the KTGM Jam in Budapest before the OSG contest this weekend. Lot of awesome combos in this one, don’t miss it! And even a lil’ George Manos thrown in for a change of pace.

13 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois – KTGM Jam 2013 in Budapest

  1. I know Mr Trevor Meyer did it straight lined in ’95- but this Matthias’ one (x-foot spin hiker varial to backpacker) looks just so awesome. Great edit.

    • The thing that impresses me the most is, if you follow Matthias on Instagram or any social media. You will know he is constantly on the road, going from different time zone constantly back and forth around the world most of the year round. Many of you of course will say, yeah he’s living the life and yes he is. But, it is really hard on the body. It seems like the sessions recently with Viki in Spain, and Hong Kong have taken his riding up a level. When you are as good as Matthias, just those lil’ top ups of riding motivations can make the difference, very impressive he continues to deliver on such a punishing schedule.

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