Matthias Dandois on Haro Bikes!

World Champion Matthias Dandois joins HARO Bikes

Vista, Ca. 14 December 2012. Haro Bicycles announces the addition of Matthias Dandois as the newest member of Team Haro for 2013. Matthias hails from Paris, France and is no stranger on the freestyle scene. Few riders travel more than Matthias does, and also for 2013 Matthias has big plans. The 2012 World Champion in pro flatland doesn’t stick to riding flatland alone. Matthias considers himself a rider and rides whatever is in front of him. His frame of choice is the HARO SD V2, a frame designed by Dennis Enarson.

“Having Matthias Dandois on HARO Bikes is great news for HARO’s brand awereness in Europe. The well liked and approachable Frenchie is on the case non stop. From joining tours to doing demos, to entering contests to doing TV shows, Matthias does it all,” says HARO’s European Marketing manager Bart de Jong. “Matthias will come to a town near you in 2013.”

Colin MacKay (HARO US TM) added: “I first saw Matthias in France battling his flatland skills against some break-dancers, I was amazed at his way of riding, no kicking and scuffing the tires like I used to see. He had a modern style and amazing flow. I got to know him over the last few years and I have often thought about him riding for Haro.
Now in 2012, Matthias has expanded his riding skills from just riding Flatland to also riding Street. He still regularly wins flat contests and travels the world riding BMX and having the time of his life. I’m really excited to have him on the team and look forward to seeing Matthias riding a Haro bike.”

In the short time that Matthias has been on board he has traveled to Japan for an event, has done a show for a major TV station in France and is preparing to go to Moscow for the Russian BMX Awards show. This is what Matthias Dandois has to say about his new ride: “Nobody has an idea how stoked I am to ride for Haro! First of all Haro is a legendary brand that gave so much for freestyle! Also, my riding has been changing a lot this past year: I try to ride a little bit of everything now so I needed a frame that actually fit my riding. The Haro SD V2 (Dennis Enarson signature frame) is perfect for me, I can ride Flat, Street, Park, whatever with it. I already had a couple of sessions on it and it feels amazing! And how cool is it to ride your friend’s frame! Last but not least, the team is stacked with amazing riders that are all friends of mine. You can’t go wrong roadtrippin’ with your homies! I’m excited to say the least!”

Everyone at HARO would like to officially welcome Matthias to the HARO Bikes team.

39 thoughts on “Matthias Dandois on Haro Bikes!

  1. I’m stoked. Haro is really planning on making moves for 2013. This is a good sign. Nice to see Matthias getting support from a bigger company in the industry.

  2. surprised he isn’t on the premium side of things for Haro. But like Brett said, this is a good thing for a flat rider to be recognized by such a large brand.

  3. I think this is awesome, just shows that flatland is heading in the right direction!! I cannot wait to see some new flatland products from them, what about a 2013 version of the classic Haro Kneesaver bars!!!

  4. I saw the haro stickers on an instragram pic last week and i had a feeling he was riding for them! Pretty cool to see them interested in flat! Yet another big company starting to support flat! DOPE!

    • Congrats Matthias! Big big news! I can’t help but feel Nostalgic about my days riding for Haro. This move will no doubt help take flatland to new audiences, which is a great thing! Good luck to the man!

  5. Not particular a fan of MD’s riding but to do respect his skills and hustle, congrats on the surprising hook up. On another note, I seriously get tired of seeing quotes about how “this” or “that” pushes flat in the so called “right direction”… What exactly does that mean?? Adam Banton, Andrew Farris and Chad Degroot did this years ago, were we as riders not ready then but now we are to get flat were its “suppose” to be? Mixing with street? Seems like the wrong direction IMHO . I’m not looking for an argument just some honest opinions on the current state of flat and where it actually should go not were its heading. Which seems like a path we have already been down.

  6. i think its time a large comany took on a mainly flatrider, i dont foresee any flat specific parts coming with haro though, as matthias doesnt ride any

  7. @srj – I hear ya I used to ride park, street, bowls, dirt, concrete, whatever was there really as well as flatland, and I know a lot of people aside from myself did also, back when I was a kid (long time ago I Know) it was normal I would say. Now its not, so a rider such as Matthias stands out. I’m not sure what is the right direction to be honest, but what I would say is there room for every direction, theres no one way that I think is right. Do your thing.
    Now matthais is riding for Haro, I’m pretty sure Matthias will reach an audience that don’t know what flatland is, to me thats a good thing, the rest can just happen.

    I can see the appeal to a big company like Haro, they dont have to make a flatland frame, this guy rides a street frame. Hes just a BMXer, as we all are. We have come full circle…

  8. Yeap… It´s only BMX. It just should be about fun! I’m just a kid riding a small bike and having too much fun with it. That’s all it is all about to me. I’m not trying to get anybody riding the same way I do. I just love it and that’s it.
    Have a good day!

  9. Matthias riding for Haro will not sway any street riders to ride flat because Haro is lame and any real street rider would agree. The only good street riders that will ride those POS are riders actually sponsored by the company getting a pay check. I really don’t see why flatland riders are obsessed with making flatland huge. Flatland is the shit right now, it’s underground, there’s no money involved so only true riders are into it and the scene is supportive of even beginners which is definitely not the case on the street riding side. Flatlanders need to stop wishing for what they want flat to become and appreciate it for what it is now.

  10. I don’t have any sweeping insight about how this relates to the state of flatland, I just think it’s cool that he’s getting taken care of, and that he’s stoked on this new sponsorship. He’s a good guy, and a great rider, and so seeing positive news like this is just that; positive!

  11. Like Matthias already say… He Ride BMX because he Love it.
    And thats the right direction.

    So then Matthias, have fun and even now do a god damned “Welcome Haro Bike Edit ” 😉

  12. It’s good. Nothing more nothing less. I hope it works well. Haro ain’t what it used to be so don’t get too excited +40s!!!

  13. Haro rules, love being apart of the company. We are here for a good time and we are all real pumped Matthias is joining us. Ride on.

  14. Matthias riding for any particular company might not sway street riders to ride flat … but riding street with him, having a good time, seeing him come up with some sick “flat influenced” lines … who knows how that might affect other “street” riders… Huge Props Matthias !!

  15. DMC and Mattias in the same year, I’m speechless! It’s been decades since I respected HARO as a brand, but at least the guys they’re paying are real G’s! Seriously, I don’t know what to think. WTF!

  16. Wether its in the rite direction remains 2 b seen. Not all flatlanders r obsessed with ‘The Rite Direction’. I ride, & stil ride 4 same reasons,fun, fun & evolution. I neva made any $, got any recognition & neva really wanted it. Wat we flat riders gotta start doing is, start being nice 2 each other,b courteous. Take this 4 wat it extly is, Im being pragmatic. Stop being selectiv bout who u ride with, Now thats a step in the rite direction, wether u wana believe or admit it. Wi am saying all this? Cos I truly love our art. Having said all this, G’luc 2 Matthias

  17. 4got 2 say bout matthias etc. Flats so small thats we gotta stic 2gthr. Stop all the arguing etc. Ive always said that if 1 person buys a bike & however many follow suit,is a bonus. Cos if we continue with the’ Cool Attitude, Im Beta Than U or Others’, how the hell is our very small sport gana go’ IN THE RITE DIRECTION’ ? Just that itself, has & wil continue 2 make flat stagnate. I can speak 4 others cos we’re in agreeance in wat Ive said. Keep riding & hav fun on yr bike. Thats wat its about.

  18. Mr SRJ you have made some very interesting points as has Mr Tristan. It’s a shame Mr Tristan fails to express himself with proper English. Let’s hope our sport never goes “IN THE RITE DIRECTION” but someday in the “right direction” or maybe we should consider the “left direction”!! Even Matthias can write correctly with English being his second language.
    Oh, and anymore self promotion for you Mr Prashee!!
    You both hit the nail on the head Mr JM and Mr Paul Chamberlain.

    All the best to you Matthias with your positive attitude and quest for an expressive and broadened life experience.

  19. This yet,is another reason bout wat Im talkin bout,the arguing 4 no reason at all. Wud this b u ALISTAIR?Cos yve long hiddeen behind yr screen. This is trivial & callow bout my english but I WDNT waste 1 bit of sleep over u. Cud easily take offence. Its called bullying & I dealt with this at school so its nothing new

  20. I’m having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say. Maybe if you actually wrote in a professional manner; without acronyms, abbreviations, slang and incorrect spelling, then I’m sure people would take you seriously. This has nothing to do with bullying (unless of course you are a ‘flatland scene’ bully) – you have clearly voiced your opinion on what should be done to improve the flatland scene, and I have voiced my opinion on what should be done to improve your communication and professionalism so people take you seriously. It’s a disgrace (especially to foreigners including Matthias) to see that you’re corrupting the standard form of the English language that so many in this world strive to learn.

    Until you can make some effort to write (not RITE) without sounding like a gutter mouth, then don’t bother voicing your opinion on this website.

  21. For starters Ive never tried to corrupt or bully anyone within or outside of riding. You dont know me & I dont know you, so I’ll leave at that. Im sure you’re a good man

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